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Sycamore, American Plane - Platanus occidentalis

The largest hardwood tree of American forests. Sycamore works easily with both hand and machine tools, though the interlocked grain can be troublesome in surfacing and machining operations at times. Sycamore turns, glues, and finishes well. Sycamore has a fine and even texture that is very similar to maple. The grain is interlocked. Sycamore is classified as moderate in weight, hardness, stiffness and shock resistance. The wood dries fairly rapidly with a tendency to warp.  It has moderate shrinkage and little movement in performance. Quarter sawn sycamore provides better resistance to  warping, cupping, and shrinkage than plain or flat sawn stock. The sycamore has the largest leaf of any tree native to North America with a span of up to 15 inches. Sycamore shows a wonderful Lace Grain Figure on quartersawn faces. Similar to Lacewood.

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